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Job Context
    The primary responsibility of this role is to identify systematic and non systematic risks associated with market/industry, develop covenants/tools/methods for mitigating the risks, structure credits in conformity with client`s capacity, visit customers and ensure compliance with regulations vis-à-vis bank`s Credit Policy Manual (CPM) and other policies in force. The role is also responsible for review and up gradation of existing internal policies, development of new policies/guidelines for internal purpose, credit model/tool development and process development initiatives. The incumbent is highly expected to adopt initiative for process improvement.
Job Responsibilities
  • 1) Risk identification and mitigation
  • Evaluate credit proposals (client/borrower analysis, business/industry/market analysis, historical financial analysis, projected financial analysis, technical analysis, credit risk analysis. Environmental Risk Analysis etc) from both micro and macro economic point of view.
  • Exercise all required due diligence to prepare the credit proposal and present the same before appropriate approval authority.
  • Mitigate the identified risks with appropriate measures /initiatives i.e., taking collateral and/or other tangible/intangible securities (such as strong personal/corporate guarantees, incorporation of appropriate covenants).
  • Mitigate regulatory risks with proper disclosures and collection of relevant applicable supporting documents.
  • 2) Credit Structuring in light of internal & external regulations
  • Structure credit matching with client’s business nature/need and capacity to serve the debt.
  • Ensure credit structuring in line with bank’s credit policy, business policy documents and regulations in force.
  • Ensure compliance of all regulatory norms/ guidelines
  • Ensure compliance of Service Partner Agreement with SME business, by the team members and himself.
  • 3) Monitor and follow up of approval covenants
  • Portfolio monitoring to reduce PD, SMA, potential SMA / classification, EA accounts, deteriorating accounts, sales routine compliance etc.
  • Ensure compliance of conditions/covenants/ regulations.
  • Review of DP, Stock Inspection Report, repayment performance
  • Identify additional covenants resulting from unsatisfactory transaction nature, arising out from any unforeseen risk, even before the next review date.
  • 4) Ensure Portfolio follow up/performance
  • Ensure adjustment/repayment of debts as per approval condition.
  • Review compliance of the directed steps of Sales Routine towards regularization of overdue credits.
  • Escalate reports on deteriorated relationships with detail information and recommend account strategy and rating to senior level for recovery measures.
  • Ensure Early Alert reporting through identification of deteriorating sign at the initial stage
  • Maintenance of own portfolio MIS and apropriate use of Loan Proposal Tracking System (LPTS) through making timely entry in LPTS with & proper update.
  • 5) Prepare/upgrade internal process/policy & response to internal/external stakeholders
  • Review and update existing internal process/ procedures/business policies/guidelines to provide better solutions to client/ Relationship Unit for facilitating a solid credit book.
  • Ensure internal (Senior Management Audit Team) / external (Bangladesh bank) queries are addressed
  • Ensure Process gap analysis, continuous development new initiatives, Knowledge sharing attitude, Initiatives for development of counterparts / services.
  • Ensure completion of any projects effectively & efficiently.
Employment Status


Educational Requirements
  • Bachelor degree in any discipline
Experience Requirements
  • At least 6 year(s)
Additional Requirements
  • Minimum 6 years of experience in related field is preferable
  • In depth knowledge of applicable rules/regulations (including central bank’s guidelines/Bank Companies Act 1991) for credit approval and operational practices.
  • Capacity to work under stress and ability to prioritize multiple tasks.
  • Adequate knowledge about financial markets products and services.
  • Strong understanding of balance sheet management, financial ratios and rules.
  • Excellent team player with strong communication skills.
  • Interpersonal and excellent negotiation skills.
  • Sound understanding in Accounting, Finance and Economics.
  • Ability to relate different both national and global micro and macro economic indicators with the business of individual client, bank’s sectoral appetite, impact on asset book etc.
  • Must have up-to-date information about economy, market and industry
  • Proactive and dedicated towards solutions
  • Decisive and aspiration for continuous development
  • Sound ethical standard and amicable personality
  • Aspiration for learning and out-of-box thinking
Job Location

Bogura, Chattogram Division, Jashore

Compensation & Other Benefits
  • Provident fund
Job Source Online Job Posting

Manager/ Sr. Manager SME Risk, Credit Risk Management

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